Burning Flesh Children

The Beginning

How to read

This project revolves around my character named Dave. You'll use the website to hear about his story and get some background. Afterwards you'll watch the video I've made from his perspective. Here's the information you need to know. It's the year 2025. The big event happened about a year before Dave's spiral. Dave survived with his family; his wife and two kids. The world was broken and the event caused an apocalyptic catasphrophe. They had to scavenge for food and water. They looted places to find new clothes for warmth and things to burn, but supplies were running out. Dave didn't know what to do. He needed to protect his family. He couldn't let his kids live like this. Frustrated and desprate, his wife constantly nagged him to find anything. When he only came home with scraps, the fought as the kids tried to sleep. Dave crumbled under the pressure. He did the only thing he thought to do to save his kids from this living hell.The website and hypr links will give you more solid notes expressing exactly his thoughts while the video is a more abstract interpretation of his blurred memories after going crazy.

As the reader, you're exploring what's left of this abondoned wasteland. You come across a house, old and decrepit. The wood floors are rotten. You hear the a sort of tapping sound. You look around to find the source, it was rain water getting in through a leak in the roof. You check the first floor and find nothing. You carefully descend the stairs as to not fall through. You search around the second floor. You're prepaird to give up your search when you realize you didn't check one more door. Keeping the last of your hope, you open the door.

You're taken aback as a skeleton greets you. It sits, slumped over, and something clutched in his hand. You manage to pry it out. It's a book.

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